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WordPress powers over 30% of the Internet – from blogs to complicated websites.

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Modern responsive mobile site, personalized graphic designs, unrestricted creation, choice of fonts, colors, multimedia, or custom CSS style sheets – the WordPress website has no boundaries.

Advanced functionalities

The unlimited possibilities of WordPress are provided by plugins that allow the website to be adapted to the needs of users. Its main advantage is optimization for SEO, and thanks to this, good positioning of the page on Google.

Ideal for

WordPress is the most popular shopping platform in the world. Thanks to hundreds of plugins you can configure the store and be sure that there is an extension tailored to your needs.

Tworzenie stron WordPress

Making WordPress websites

WordPress is not an ordinary website, but rather a platform on which you will be able to develop your online activities in the future. Its main advantage is the optimization of the website in terms of SEO in accordance with the recommendations of Google, and thus a good positioning of your website in the search engine.

The possibilities of WordPress are so wide that it is used by the best and therefore WordPress engine drives 30% of the world's Internet. Over 60 million users cannot be wrong - join the WordPress family.

WordPress shop

WordPress allows you to create a simple store, which is an addition to an already existing website, but also a full-fledged online store.

You can sell digital products to download and physical products in all variants and configurations, to meet the unique needs of customers.

Tworzenie stron WordPress

Responsive mobile website

WordPress is mobile friendly. Thanks to WordPress, you can create any type of page: a blog, a company website, a professional portfolio, an online store or an information site. You can make your website more attractive by using themes and extend it using plugins in any direction.

Google Friendly

WordPress is fully optimized for Google search. Your website will be fully adapted to the requirements of SEO positioning and has precise control over Google Analytics statistics. The WordPress website also means full integration with social media such as Facebook, Instagram.

WordPress plugins

WordPress contains a lot of built-in functionalities necessary for a modern website. WordPress functions can be expanded by adding plugins: contact form, gallery, newsletter, calendar, marketing tools and integration with social media.

Ease of use

Simplicity, ease of use, speed and intuitive controls are principles of the WordPress platform. The core of WordPress is a simple interface, where you can add pages, posts, photos, and multimedia for your audience without any expert knowledge or coding knowledge.

WordPress website pricing

Create your WordPress website with us. Choose the WordPress website package best suited to you or provide us with a budget, and we will adapt the solution for your website.


od 499 PLN

  • Best for bloggers
    Create a WordPress website and online brand with the world's largest blogging tool and join a community that is waiting to hear what you have to say.

Small website

od 999 PLN

  • Best for personal use
    Use your own domain on your website and create a simple WordPress website. Get access to edit content, add photos and build trust among users.

Business site

od 1499 PLN

  • Best for businesses
    Drive your WordPress website with unlimited premium themes, support for Google Analytics statistics, powerful editing, and integration with social media.


od 2499 PLN

  • Best for entrepreneurs
    Build a unique WordPress business website with advanced design tools, premium themes, CSS editing and the ability to monetize your website with ads.

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We specialize in designing websites and stores based on WordPress because it gives us the opportunity to design a modern, well-designed website and an innovative online store.

In addition, we will design a visual identity for your brand, and then we will take care of your company consistent presence on the Internet and effectively reach your target group in social media.